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Only with RISAN® – drinking water approval according to KTW-BWGL assessment

"The KTW assessment basis has been legally binding since 21 March 2021 in accordance with § 17 (3) sentence 4 of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV). This means that since this date, refurbished installations may only be put into operation by means of an appropriate procedure if the drinking water hygienic suitability for the specific installation has been proven in accordance with the requirements of the KTW-BWGL.

In principle, the owner of the building is responsible for ensuring that the requirements for drinking water quality and materials are complied with. In this respect, it is important that a clear confirmation is provided by or contractually agreed with the executing company that the coating created on site meets the requirements of the KTW-BWGL of the Federal Environment Agency.

(Source: German Federal Environment Agency UBA)


Misleading products on the market!

"Advertising claims are known that speak of a ceramic or mineral coating. It can be assumed that inorganic fillers are contained in this case. However, other reactive components (presumably organic) are then required for curing on the inner surface of the pipe, which usually poses the greater risks to drinking water quality. The term "ceramic" refers to inorganic materials from a high-temperature firing process that is technically out of the question for this type of renovation."

(Source: German Federal Environment Agency UBA)

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