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RISAN presents environmental balance sheet

In collaboration with qualified environmental experts, the RISAN® process was subjected to an ecological assessment. This involved comparing pipe renovation from the inside with the conventional total replacement of domestic drinking water pipes. In addition to CO2 emissions, material consumption, waste production and virtual water consumption (Water Food Print) were also evaluated. Although numerous advantages of the RISAN® system over complete replacement are already known, RISAN® also offers enormous benefits in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. RISAN® pipe rehabilitation from the inside causes at least compared to conventional total pipe replacement:

85 % less CO2 emissions
87 % less water consumption
99 % less waste

In line with the European Green Deal climate targets, the RISAN® system stands for sustainable renovation, preservation of valuable building fabric, resource conservation and climate protection.
The RISAN® system has not only been impressing customers for 30 years with significant cost and time savings, but also gives them the good feeling of having opted for a sustainable and grandchild-friendly solution.

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