The solution

Pipe reconstruction from the inside is the most cost-effective alternative to expensive and complex re-installation.

Pipe reconstruction from the inside

The solution of today for water pipes of yesterday

Pipe reconstruction from the inside is an extremely cost-effective alternative to expensive and complex re-installation. As part of this process, the water pipes do not undergo a costly replacement, but are cleaned and permanently protected from the inside thanks to the application of a special coating.

There are no ripped-out walls or floors, and no notable impairment to normal building operations. No building site, and no dust or dirt.

Pipe reconstruction from the inside

How the RISAN® system works

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Step 1

After a thorough survey, analysis and assessment of the pipeline system, the water connections in need of renovation are made accessible.

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Step 2

Hot air is blown through the pipes in order to remove the residual moisture. This process already loosens the initial deposits, which are removed from the pipeline by the flow of air.

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Step 3

Quartz sand is now added to the compressed air. The sandblast removes the remaining deposits from the pipes, and grinds the inside of the pipes bare. This process is performed at all tapping points. The quartz sand is then extracted, and disposed of by specialists, together with the deposits.

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Step 4

The result of the sandblasting process is a bare inner tube, free from deposits, rust and limescale. Compressed air is then used to perform a leak test for the entire pipe network.

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Step 5

The coating material is then blown in, and a controlled flow of air used to coat the entire pipe network seamlessly from the inside. Corners and junctions are also coated evenly and seamlessly.

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Step 6

The end results of the pipe reconstruction from the inside: The drinking water pipes are renewed, and have long-lasting protection against limescale and rust, guaranteed by a 10-year warranty for as-new value.

​Only with RISAN® - Maximum safety and guarantee!

Decades of experience

Guaranteed longevity even at high continuous operating temperatures

Complete curing after just 8 hours

German Quality

Internally developed and manufactured coating material

10 years original value guarantee

Only with RISAN® – Maximum cleanliness and quality!

No building site

No building site

Just imagine – your pipelines are being renovated, and you barely notice! Nothing is demolished, dirtied or impaired in any other way.



Once the drinking water pipes have been renovated, your pipelines have long-lasting protection against rust and limescale, which we guarantee by means of a 10-year warranty for as-new value.



The pipelines are cleaned purely mechanically – with sand and air, and without any harmful chemicals. No rubble and inherited waste whatsoever.

Nur mit RISAN® – Maximum safety and guarantee!

Rapid curing

Rapid curing

RISAN® is the only solution that guarantees full curing and re-commissioning of the waterpipes after just 8 hours.



The amount of work required is significantly reduced compared to conventional pipe replacement, And this saves you money – up to 50%!

No downtime

No downtime

Whether in a hotel or hospital, a residential complex or family home: everything works as before, even during the renovation process, with no major impairments.



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