The problem

Brown water, pressure drop, burst pipes: And that’s just the beginning: With a conventional replacement of the water pipes, the entire house is turned into a building site and is without water for weeks, with all the associated noise, dirt and stress, not to mention the high costs required for the installers, bricklayers, decorators, tilers, plasterers, floor-layers etc.


Brown water: reading the signs correctly

Let’s be honest: Would you want to have a bath if the water came out the tap brown? Would you want to brush your teeth with it every morning and then use it to make a coffee? In most parts of Europe, drinking water is of above-average quality.

But before it can be enjoyed, it firstly has to flow through numerous pipelines, which are rarely fresh and clean, and instead are usually calcified and rusty. As a result, limescale and rust can quickly get into the drinking water even if they are not always visible at first glance.

It’s just as frustrating when water no longer spurts vigorously from the tap, but instead comes out with increasingly low pressure due to deposits in the pipeline. If a water pipe is heavily encrusted, then a pipe rupture is inevitable sooner or later, leading to all manner of hassle and costs.

The symptoms
Brown water: reading the signs correctly


Rust and limescale in drinking water

It’s a well-known fact that most metals will rust if they come into contact with water. But what only very few people know is that over 70% of all water pipes are affected by this problem. Over the years, rust and limescale have built up in the insides of the pipes, contaminating the flowing water and reducing the flow.

Sooner or later, the deposits will cause long-lasting damage to the structure of the pipes, whether these are wide or narrow, or made from copper, zinc or steel.

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