Do you drink rust free?

Trinken Sie rosftrei?

Do you drink rust free?

The problem

Die Symptome

The symptoms

Let’s be honest: Would you want to drink a glass of water if it came out the tap brown?

Die Ursache

The cause

On average, 70% of all water pipes have a layer of deposited rust and limescale, which causes damage to the pipe structure.

The solution

Rohrsanierung von innen

Pipe reconstruction from the inside

Pipe reconstruction from the inside is the most cost-effective alternative to expensive and complex re-installation.

Das Verfahren

The procedure

Nothing is demolished, dirtied or impaired in any other way. That’s how pipe reconstruction from the inside works:

​Only with RISAN® - Maximum safety and guarantee!

Decades of experience

Guaranteed longevity even at high continuous operating temperatures

Complete curing after just 8 hours

German Quality

Internally developed and manufactured coating material

10 years original value guarantee



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