Pipe rehabilitation from the inside since 1993

Today's clean solution for yesterday's old drinking water pipes.

With the certified RISAN®system, you save a lot of money, time, and nerves by renewing or restoring the water pipes from the inside.

We offer the cost-effective alternative to the expensive and time-consuming replacement of the drinking water pipe: safe, clean, and fast.

The pipes are cleaned and permanently protected with a special coating. Without torn walls and floors and without interfering the normal operation of the building.

No more construction sites, no more dirt and, above all, no more rusty drinking water.

Tested and certified

Only with RISAN® – drinking water approval according to KTW-BWGL assessment

One of the most important resources we have, is our drinking water. That is why it is important that we care for this asset with great care and the highest quality.

We are aware of our responsibility and undergo legal certification every year.

No more brown drinking water – guaranteed and certified.

The causes and symptoms

Rust and limescale - The ticking time bomb in your water pipes.

Brown water - rusty pipe

Suddenly brown water from the tap? Rusty water in the shower? No more pressure?

Honestly, would you still be in the mood for a hot bath or a nice shower? Or brushing your teeth every morning? Making a coffee with it? Probably not.

Our drinking water is of above-average quality. But before you can enjoy it, it flows through many pipes – and they are rarely fresh and clean, but in 70% of installations calcified and rusty. This way, limescale and rust quickly end up in drinking water, even if you don't always see them at first glance.

It is just as annoying when the water no longer bubbles vigorously due to deposits in the water pipes but drips out of the tap with less and less pressure.

A heavily rusted water pipe will inevitably break sooner or later – and that means a lot of trouble and costs.

Good to know!

Important things about renovating drinking water pipes from the inside.
  • Not all materials are allowed in contact with drinking water. RISAN® is the first and currently the only pipe renovator in Europe to meet the strict requirements of the KTW assessment basis of the German Federal Environment Agency for organic materials used in contact with drinking water for pipes in the domestic sector (<DN80). Both ingredients, migration values and microbiological growth are tested by accredited laboratories according to the assessment basis in the cold and hot water sector. Since the entry into force of the KTW assessment basis, only materials that can show proof of conformity may be used in the drinking water sector.

  • The RISAN® coating material is a 2-component epoxy resin specially developed and certified for the domestic drinking water sector. The RISAN®coating material is developed, produced, and distributed by Risan ® to qualified RISAN® partners.

  • Wondering what temperatures our interior coating can withstand? Conventional coating materials withstand a continuous operating temperature of max. 55°C - 60°C. The RISAN® epoxy resin coating has been specially developed, tested and certified for use in hot water applications. Test reports from accredited laboratories confirm a continuous operating temperature resistance of the RISAN® coating material of at least 70° C and more. This is particularly important for hygienic reasons (e.g., legionella flushing). RISAN® thus also sets new standards in terms of temperature resistance in the field of pipe renovation from the inside.

  • Our RISAN®system allows the water pipes to be renovated from the inside. This saves us an enormous amount of time: on average, we need about 3-5 days for a residential unit. The property remains habitable even during the renovation; the water supply remains (provisionally) guaranteed all the time. The exact time required for the pipe renovation depends, among other things, on the size of the property. This can be determined in advance during a technical local inspection. Pipe renovation in sections is basically also possible.

  • We manage to keep the costs about 50% lower than with a conventional total replacement of the water pipes.

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